Traditionally we’ve always seen gardens as something on the horizontal however, with an increasing trend to maximizing planting space, not only in Australia but around the world, everyone, it seems, is looking for a vertical option.

Adelaide Vertical Gardens is a local family business developing a trend of using new, modern materials in gardening and they have got it right. What happens when Adelaide Vertical Gardens’ 2 Civil Engineers decide to tackle the issue of growing plants successfully? They design a unique planting system, that’s what. The secret to when Adelaide Vertical Gardens success is this specially designed walling. The hard, robust, render coated exterior and polystyrene interior along with high-quality, Australian-made anodised aluminium combines the best elements of rigidity and plant friendly design.

Most planters are traditionally wood, metal and plastics. Of course wood will rot over time and need replacing. Long term, plastic will become brittle and Metal will rust, as well as not being a great insulator. Plant roots suffer greatly from high heat. The polystyrene in this walling system helps to insulate and protect delicate plant roots.

The issue with a number of vertical gardening systems is the amount of potting mix plants grow in. Often there is little more mix than a pot this size, which doesn’t give plants a lot of room to stretch their roots. That’s why I am very excited about the way Adelaide Vertical Gardens have designed and constructed their gardens.
The secret to success here is the amount of soil plants have access to. This is the perfect solution to successful vertical gardening.

Adelaide Vertical Gardens are not only about vertical gardens they design and make customer-sized planters for home and community gardens, commercial and residential buildings, farms and plant nurseries.

Plus they also create wicking garden beds. What’s a wicking garden bed you ask? Glad to show you. A wicking bed is basically a garden bed which holds a reservoir of water at the bottom and water is drawn upwards, like a wick, to the surface of the bed via capillary action and through plant roots. Adelaide Vertical Gardens have put their own spin on the wicking bed design. Beneath this layer of sand is a system of pipes which are filled from the outlet over here.

The brilliant thing about the Adelaide Vertical Gardens patio & pergola planter boxes, vertical gardens and wicking beds is they are all custom designed and have no limits on size, length and colour.

To find out more, just head to their website. These are simple brilliant.






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