Our Guest Gardener this week is one half of a very close dynamic duo who have conquered The Block and expanded their decorating and design skills beyond TV – say hello to Alisa Fraser!

An inspired interior designer, her skills are clearly not limited to the indoors. Alisa has had a hand in reshaping her elegant and contemporary backyard featuring a large lawn and Nandina hedge running the length of the western boundary. Although she readily admits it needs a redesign with the changing needs of her family and work life. One thing definitely ready for the chop are the two rapidly growing Yukkas that Alisa readily agrees have outgrown their welcome.

Alisa and her sister Lysandra lead very busy lives, especially since commencing their interior design business ‘Alisa & Lysandra’. With new projects both on and off TV planned, and a second child on the way, Alisa has lots of exciting times ahead. We wish her well!


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