Where do you begin when it comes to garden edging and walling? Damian Hone from APC has all the answers.

Q- How do I best select a block for my garden wall?

The points we like to determine are:
– How high would you like to go?
– Is the wall or garden edge straight or curved?

Lawn or Garden Edging
These products are normally only 1 block high & simple is often the best.

If the lawn or garden edge is straight, we would recommend Adbri Masonry (AM)

If you want to curve the lawn or garden edge APC recommends
– Mini Wall, great for curved garden walls, you can even build a fire pit with these!
– Natural Impressions block

Garden Walls
What is the best product to use, building your own garden wall?
APC normally categorise garden walls for projects up to .600 mm high.

– Would you like to put a set of steps into the wall?
– What type of soil type are you retaining?
– Are you looking to do it yourself or get a tradie in to do it for you?

Some great Garden Wall products include:
– Wall Stone Grande (which builds a great set of steps)
– Versa Stone, (a great new shot blasted product with matches the Euro Stone & the new AM Exposed Aggregate pavers)
– Vera Smooth, (a great new economical block with a clean smooth finish made in matching paver colours)

And if you want to curve the garden wall APC recommend:
– Natural Impressions blocks (ideal for both straight lines & curves)
– Mini Wall block

Retaining Wall blocks
APC rate a retaining wall as a wall about .800 mm & higher.
-There is the AB Aussie & the AB Junior which is an excellent product for many years now & great for maximising usable space on your property by terracing your back yard into different dimensions, with steps and garden features.
-The versatile Natural Impressions block

APC website has done a lot of the homework for you. They have sorted all the different products in to project types & sorted the products in to Garden Edging, Garden Walls & Retaining Walls.

For more information head to your local APC store or check out their website.






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