Isn’t Adelaide a wonderfully diverse place for plants? From Munno Para north, Henley Beach west and Seaford down south there’s so much we can grow.

Of course one place we all seem to head for a total plant experience is the Adelaide Hills. Just look at them they are covered in greenery. Gardening in the hills can be a little different to that on the plains.

To find out more there’s no better person to speak to than Banner Mitre 10 at Mount Barker’s Garden Centre manager Fiona Loveday.

Fiona, has been involved in the nursery industry for over 15 years with experience on both plains and hills gardening. She explains what sets Hills gardening apart is the climate and soil. Cooler temperatures allow vivid autumn colours and delicate plants such as Japanese Maples to survive our hot summers. Acid soil, as opposed to the more alkaline soil on the plains, helps camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and other acid lovers to thrive.
Banner Mitre 10 caters to hills gardeners with competitive prices and enjoy a swag of regular customers keen to see the latest plants and products on offer.

The Outdoors & More booklet is a ripper and free with the purchase of any Yates or Cabots product – keep your eye out for that at Banner Mitre 10 Mt Barker or other Mitre 10 stores.

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