Even for those of us with established lawns, they still need a bit of autumn TLC. Brunnings lawn care products are here to help!

Dogs, kids and general wear and tear can take a toll on the lawn – remember there are thousands and thousands of plants in your lawn, so it’s not surprising a few can struggle. Kim shows you how to get your lawn looking better than ever with some great Brunnings products.

For those unsightly bare spots, a Brunnings Lawn Repair kit will do the trick, and all you need to fill and grow is in the box. Thoroughly scratch and rough up the area to be repaired, mix both the seed and the starter fertiliser supplied (add a little sand if you need the hole topped up), then scatter over and rake in. Gently water and you’ll be mowing in 5 to 6 weeks!

We all want our lawns looking lush and green, so a regular feed is essential. Kim shows you what your lawns are looking for in a fertiliser with Brunnings Green Up Lawn Food. It’s quick acting and is high in nitrogen and other nutrients so you’ll get a green up in about a week!

Kim shows you that with Brunnings Feed ‘N Weed keeping your lawns weed free is as easy as clipping on the hose. Containing a selective herbicide and general fertiliser, this Feed ‘N Weed has it all.

As with fertilising and spraying, leave the mowing for at least a week to get the best results.

You’ll find all these great Brunnings lawn care products at leading hardware stores and garden centres.


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