Brunnings are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of home and garden products. Kim uses some products from the vast range to show you how to make the most of a small space!

If you’ve been down Pym Street at Dudley Park, you’ve driven past Dudley Park Cemetery and countless businesses across the road. Of all those businesses, there there’s one that stands out for gardeners. It’s a name that would be familiar to us all and that’s Brunnings!

We didn’t say Bunnings, we said Brunnings! They’re and they one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of home and garden products. In fact, you’ve probably got a Brunnings product or two in the shed.

Brunnings began in 1852 as a seed merchant. They are a SA family owned business, one of the very few that have an office and warehouse in this state, employing a swag of locals. They’re recently built new offices and, an impressive new showroom which Kim takes us for a tour through. Carrying over hundreds of lines, garden centres and hardware stores can visit the showroom and see the latest new products to take back to their customers. Everything from lawn care, pest control, and all a plant needs to grow are on these warehouse shelves! The Brunnings range includes products from two leading UK businesses – Gardman and STV, plus the well know agri-businesses Syngenta and Mr. Fothergill’s!

There are plenty of Brunnings products that’ll jazz up a window sill or a small space like a balcony. Kim shows you how to create a garden in any space large or small at home and at work with a wall trough from Brunnings – fill it with potting mix, plant something ornate like new season pansies to add a splash of colour, then you’re ready to hang it out for all to see and enjoy!

Next time you drop by your local garden centre or hardware store, keep an eye out for the huge number Brunnings products on offer!


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