One plant that has been blooming it’s head off in South Australia is the rose!

Centennial Park Cemetery is not the first place you would think about taking a floral inspired drive or walk through.

However the 40 hectare grounds are absolutely filed with a combination of colour and fragrance. With over 7,800 roses in the park, we talk to the landscapers at the park and hear about how they maintain such a large amount!

But it isn’t all about roses in Centennial Park, there are many themed gardens in the park, a lot of water and niches for people to identify with their lost one. Centennial Park has really evolved over the years, and there are different people who like different places, there are gardens in here that even have a tropical feel!

There is so much to see, and is a great place to take a walk around and drink in fantastic South Australian gardens, it is free to access, so if you have a few spare hours, head on down for a stroll!

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