How’s your first aid kit? Well, if it’s anything like mine with an empty bottle of betadine and a few manky bandaids, it’s definitely in need of an upgrade.

What should a first aid kit for a gardener or someone who loves being outdoors contain?

Drop in to your local Chemplus Pharmacy and you’ll find out where to start with stocking a first aid kit.

Spending time outdoors can lead to a range of minor injuries – it really depends on what the person is doing. For people spending time in the garden, it’s usually minor bites and scratches.

Every first aid kit should have :
– Antiseptic and anesthetic cream which can be used for most bites and minor cuts and scrapes.
– A range of dressings which are designed for moist wound healing
– Basic bandages are also useful for minor sprains.
– An ice pack on hand for relieving any swelling and pain.

On top of basic first aid, gardeners may need insect repellent to keep away insects, particularly mosquitos as they can carry serious diseases.

Also, on top of wearing long gloves to protect your hands, long sleeves and pants can help protect from bites and minor cuts that may come from working in the garden.

First aid kits should be replenished straight away if something has been used out of them – that way you won’t be caught out later. Once a year it’s a good idea to go through all your medicines, including your first aid kit and dispose of anything out of date.

You can bring back expired medicine to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Keep your kit somewhere you’ll be able to access it but not where young children or pets could get their hands on it. Usually in a cupboard located higher off the ground is a good idea.

Drop by your local Chemplus Pharmacy to get yours upgraded.






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