Getting the right balance in the yard is the secret to successful gardening. From the right soil to the right location and the right plants.

Of course, making sure your plants have plenty of goodness to keep them growing their best is also vitally important. It all starts with the soil and, a good organic base creates the right building blocks for a nutrient rich soil that acts like a sponge holding both water and nutrients. When it comes to manures, chicken manure packs a super punch.

These girls produce their fair share of chicken poo – trouble is, it’s just a bit too fresh to put around plants especially new seedlings which can easily burn from the high nitrogen content. Good thing is, there are organic soil improvers that have a wonderful ‘ready to use’ chicken manure base.

With plants coming out of winter and wanting to put on huge spurts of growth, they are seriously hungry. What they need first is a good soil foundation, and a gentle organic feed. Something that wakes up the soil microbes and earthworms to help build a healthier soil is Yates Dynamic Lifter. With its chicken manure base plus added seaweed, blood & bone and fish meal this ticks the organic soil improver box perfectly.

Being totally organic, Yates Dynamic Lifter can safely be used on a wide range of plants including natives and citrus, speaking of which, these need a little attention right now.

Mottled and discoloured leaves are common after a long cold winter whether planted in the ground or in a pot. Citrus are also heavy feeders so once you’ve improved your soil, it’s time for a good feed.

A perfect partnership for citrus is to start with a sprinkling of Yates Dynamic Lifter which pulses out a low steady nutrient stream and helps build a healthier soil. Different plants need different nutrient combinations to do their best so it’s important to get the correct one for excellent plant growth.

With that in mind follow up with a dedicated citrus fertilizer like Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit, which is a blend of 50% natural ingredients and 50% essential elements which provides a vital nutrient boost.

That nutrient boost is what citrus need right now. A specially formulated balance of nitrogen to help with leaf growth, Phosphorus for root development and extra Potassium to encourage that delicious fruit! Plus it’s got a whole range of trace elements including iron and zinc for plant health. What more could a hungry citrus want!

Whether your citrus are potted or plotted now’s the time to give them a feed. Start with your soil then follow up with a dedicated nutrient rich fertilizer for feeding. Sound like the perfect partnership to successful citrus!




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