How many times a week, month or maybe a year would you buy a bunch of flowers? Well, before that bunch even gets to the florist shop, there’s a good story to tell!

Australia’s florist industry is a huge. There are over two thousand floral businesses employing around 4 thousand people Australia wide. Love is Flowers, a wholesale florist supplier based in Richmond, is one of those enterprising businesses.

Wholesalers like this, are where florists come to pick out or order their flowers every day. Working with flowers can be hard work – every day Gary and Gail Loveys, owners of Love is Flowers, start early to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sorting orders, restocking and keeping flowers fresh are part of the job. Mention the word ‘Valentines’ and Gary’s eyes roll and the word ‘chaos’ springs to mind.

Ever tried your hand at flower arranging? How did it go? Well if it was a disaster then help is at hand.
Sue Ross is one of Adelaide’s most experienced florists and is here to give us a few tips.

To create a ‘cottage’ look arrangement

– Fill the vase with water to 2/3
– Cut some foliage from you garden (Murraya is excellent)
– Trim the bottom leaves off
– Place the foliage in the vase, filling so the foliage spills evenly over the edge
– Choose a bunch of flowers (your favourites)
– Take out a stem and measure against the vase, cutting the stem at the height you want the flower to sit in the arrangement – Always make an angled cut and place into the vase ASAP
– Place the blooms evenly over the arrangement
– If the vase doesn’t look ‘filled’ then add more flowers – either from the florist or your garden
– A mix of blooms with the foliage always looks great

If you’d like Sue to make a beautiful floral arrangement for your special occasion just send her an email!


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