Kim shows us some great autumn trees that light up the landscape and really set autumn apart from the other seasons!

The striking hues of yellow, red, orange and brown that light up the landscape really set autumn apart from the other seasons! Kim shows you some top trees that colour up beautifully.

The Chinese Tallow is an incredibly attractive small deciduous tree that has broad heart-shaped leaves which take on rich autumn colours.

Ornamental Pears are increasing in popularity in both out streetscapes and our gardens. They’re deciduous trees which provide masses of stunning spring blossom and ever reliable autumn colour.

Crab Apples are small ornamental deciduous trees with lovely fragrant flowers and small fruit. The great thing about these trees is that their leaves turn to vivid yellow orange and crimson in autumn. Their clusters of fragrant double pale pink flowers in late spring are a joy to behold!

With so many great deciduous trees available, pick the one that suits your yard and enjoy the autumn brilliance!


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