Waterfall Gully has been a magnet for visitors since the city’s founding. The park’s steep hills, covered with native vegetation and stringybark forest, are popular with daily walkers. Some you see and some, we’re told…are not so visible!

While a appearing a serene location, Waterfall Gully has had its fair share of tragedies over the years and coinciding with those tragedies, reports of eerie apparitions and spectres. Well-known Adelaide clairvoyant, Liz McCaskill reaches into the Gully’s spiritual past. Liz explains that like houses, outdoor spaces can be haunted too as spirits of previous tenants and visitors remain.
For the past 60 years, there have been tales of a headless horseman appearing at the base of the waterfall, and riding on a trail towards the carpark. No one knows who he is or what happened.

Waterfall Gully’s historic Swiss-style chalet, set at the base of the waterfall is now home to Utopia Restaurant. Apart from good food and coffee, there’s something else on the menu. Owner Kelly Markos explains they too have a resident ghost. But by all accounts, Utopia’s spooky spectator is very friendly and we are sure he is enjoying seeing so many visitors returning to enjoy his beloved gully.

Whether its sheers coincidence, whether it’s active imaginations or whether there really is something out here, I suggest you spend time exploring Waterfall Gully and maybe sipping a coffee at Utopia Restaurant to decide for yourself.


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