Kim shows us some great small to medium Heynes trees which are perfect for the South Aussie backyard!

We’re always on the lookout for small to medium trees that are perfect for our backyards. Anyone who’s been to the Adelaide Showgrounds, and enjoyed the welcome shade of the many trees planted around the grounds, would be interested to know that there are two great varieties here which suit the South Aussie backyard beautifully!

Kim shows us the Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides), one of the very best evergreen trees you can plant in the garden. A small to medium sized Australian native, its glossy green leaves and rounded canopy makes this an ideal shade tree!

If you’re looking for a similar sized shade tree but love to see rich autumn colour, look no further than Pyrus ussuriensis, better known as Manchurian Pear. Kim tells us that this tree is as hardy as the Tuckeroo, but with a beautiful burst of spring blossom that adds life to the garden! Being deciduous, the Manchurian Pear can shade the house and garden during summer while allowing warmth and light through winter.

Both these trees are SA grown and available from all good independent garden centres and leading greenlife hardware stores.

Remember, trees are a long term investment so consider ‘buying bigger’ and purchase established trees. It’s also a good idea when buying to ask for advice on planting, you’ll get a great head start .


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