While we know drip irrigation is a great way to give plants slow and steady watering the issue for many gardeners is knowing where to start installing an irrigation system.

What type of drippers to use, what size poly pipe plus working out all the other bits and pieces that go to making it up the system. Wouldn’t it be great if it all that came in one box – well you’re in luck.

Improvements in water technology are always occurring and the latest is this beauty called Easy Drip. This new generation watering system, developed in the UK by Hozelock, is a one stop shop for creating a successful drip irrigation system.

There are 2 ranges. The Universal – which runs on 13 millimetre tubing, ideal for the small to medium gardens, borders and veggies gardens. While the Micro Kit has a smaller diameter pipe, brilliant for watering pots, hanging baskets and containers.

Each kit comes with excellent instructions and expect to have your new watering system ready to go in about 15 minutes.

Start by laying the extremely flexible Easy Drip hose along your existing plants.

Next install the drippers. If you are sick of drippers blowing off your watering system, then you are going to love these.

Firstly there is no need to pierce the tubing, these drippers do it all by themselves. When you twist the dripper it pushes out a sharp barb that neatly inserts into the tube.

Attaching is simple, Position the dripper. Then twist the dripper until it is locked. The barb is now through the tubing and ready to pick up water.

You can adjust the flow of each dripper from 0 to 40 litres per hour which means you can successfully run both high and low water use plants on the same run.

Moving a dripper is also easy. Simply unwind the existing dripper, unlock and remove. Don’t worry about the hole left behind. This natty little device, which comes with your Easy Drip Universal Kit will do the trick. Just position the stopper over the hole and lock it on. No more drips!!

If you have pots then the Micro Kit is the one to go for. This runs off a smaller 7mm tube which is easy to disguise and delivers an excellent volume of water

Attach a dripper to the tube and clip onto the specially designed stake which also adjusts the watering angle. Now that’s clever.

For all those people wanting a smart and easy way to irrigate, then check out the new Easy Drip range at your local Mitre 10. It makes watering so easy!






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