On the scale of 1 to 10, how important is watering plants? Well I reckon it’s an eleven, if that’s possible.

Making sure plants have access to water is critical to not only help them survive but, more importantly – thrive.

You can hang on to a hose. Or set a sprinkler.

If you are looking for time and water saving options, then the new Easy Drip watering systems are well worth a look. Simple to install, they come with all you need to set up a drip irrigation system in around 15 minutes. Keep an eye out for Easy Drip at your local Mitre 10.

While there are a number of ways to deliver water to plants, for most gardens there is one source of water and that’s the tap. Turn them on and water pours out. Turn them off and it stops. If you connect a hose direct to the tap or maybe via a tap timer, it still relies on you to turn the tap or twist a dial. Nothing wrong with that. Alternatively, if you want a fully automatic watering system which involves installing a control box and solenoids plus metres of wire and quite a deal of planning – that works too. However, if you want the convenience of an automatic watering system without the need to install a whole lot of gear, then I’ve got something special to show you.

Hozelock, one of the world’s great watering innovators have developed a tap ready, automatic watering system that is incredibly easy to use.

The new Hozelock Sensor Controllers use 2 AA batteries. Start by putting them in first. There’s even a low battery warning light. Then attach the Controller to the tap.

So what’s so ground breaking about these Controllers? Good question.

First thing, you won’t need an engineering degree to work out how to use. There are two Sensor Models to choose from, both as easy as each other to use. There are just dials to twist and set.

The large dial has 3 main settings. This side gives you the daily option to water in the morning only. This side the evening only and the section down here gives morning and evening watering options. Once you worked out when you want to water, turning the dial will give you the length of time you want the water to run. The solar sensor does the rest. I said it was easy.

The sensor responds to the gradual increase & decrease in natural light to turn on – so sudden lights such as a headlight, torch, outside light, etc will not activate the unit.

If you want to vary your watering days then the Sensor Controller Plus it the one to go for. It has an additional dial which gives options for watering between daily, weekly and in between.

Keep an eye out for these Super Smart watering ideas from Hozelock at local Mitre 10.






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