There are no shortage of jobs to do in the garden, feeding, weeding, pest control, the list goes on, so anything we can do to make these jobs quicker and easier is always helpful. And there’s one tool from Hozelock which does just that!

Sprayers are brilliant at keeping your garden looking and growing its best. With plants in full leaf and the ground just warming up, foliar feeding adds a boost to your solid fertilisers.

One type of plant that absolutely loves a quick and easy foliar feed are veggie seedlings. With limited time to grow and fruit, anything we can do to help is always appreciated. Give them a good dose to run-off.

Hands up if you have a sprayer, leave your hands up if it’s not working. If you’re in the market for a new sprayer here are a few tips:
• Price – you generally get what you pay for and sprayers are no different.
• Ease of use – a wide opening makes filling and adding chemicals simple and safe. The base draining point on the Hozelock sprayers means you use every last drop of spray!
• Pressurising – if you have to pump your sprayer every few minutes then there’s something wrong. The large plunger on this Hozelock sprayer means that it normally only need to be pressurised to full capacity once or twice to empty the entire contents.
• Volume – never fill your sprayer to the very top. Go to the fill point, that way there’s enough air to compress and force out the liquid.
• Nozzle – adjust the nozzle to suit what you are spraying and lock off the trigger to save your hands and wrist.
• Weeds – if you are using weedicide it’s a good idea to invest in a spray cone. These are essential in reducing spray drift off weeds and on to valuable plants. If you’re using weedicide it’s best to have 2 different sprayers, one for weeds and one for the rest of the garden.
• Rinsing – When you’ve finished spraying, it’s important to thoroughly rinse out your sprayer a few times. Run water through the lance and leave to dry. Oh, and another point about psrayers, Believe me you’ll be glad you did.

You’ll find both the extension lance and spray cone accessories along with the Hozelock sprayers at your nearest Mitre 10 and Bunnings stores.


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