When it comes to picking my gardening favourite tool, I find it pretty difficult to choose.

However, when you narrow it down to a tool that not only gives plants a feed, it takes care of the weeds, the bugs and diseases as well, you can’t go past a sprayer.

And when I say sprayer, I actually mean sprayers. I bet you had no idea there were so many different types available. Well here’s our chance to give them all a bit of a road test.

If you have a large yard, and like the idea of filling a sprayer the least number of times, then a large unit like this Hozelock 12lt Knapsack is just the ticket. Top it up and you’ll be right to give the garden a once over without heading back to the tap too often.

If carrying a knapsack is not for you or your yard is smaller, then the traditional garden sprayers are always an excellent choice. A word of caution though, when it comes to choosing sprayers, always buy reliable.

These Hozelock 5 & 8 litre garden sprayers, like the rest of Hozelock sprayer range, are European made and come with a solid 2 year guarantee and are built to last.
Some features I like about these sprayers include the unique bottom drain point which means every drop of spray is used and you won’t be tipping anything out. Next is the extra wide mouth which makes filling, emptying and cleaning so much easier.

They comes with a lockable trigger for continual spraying and have an easily adjusted spray nozzle – from jet for spot treatment and mist for reaching wider areas.

A really important thing to remember when filling any sprayer is not to fill to the top. Only fill to about 80 percent capacity. The air gap you leave at the top will compress as you pump the unit. In fact, once the units full pressured, these sprayers will generally empty the entire contents without any other pumping needed. Now that’s handy!

If you’re needing to spray corrosive chemicals like acids and bleaches, then an industrial sprayer like this 5lt Viton Sprayer is perfect. It has special hardwearing fluoroelastomer seals and a stainless steel lance that can cope with these aggressive mixes.

Like all things, the more you maintain your sprayer the better it will perform. The good news is there is service kit available for the Hozelock garden and Viton sprayers, so you can easily replace any seals and add years of life to the unit.

The next thing you’ll need to give your sprayer even more life are some accessories and here are two of the best.

First is an extension lance adds extra reach to the sprayer and keeps your two feet safely on the ground.
The next is a Weed cone, which helps target the spray to where you want it and reduces the chance of any spray drifting onto and damaging other plants. Especially useful when spraying herbicides.

The Hozelock sprayers even come in smaller 1.2 litre models ideal for feeding and misting indoor plants plus loads of other useful applications. Where can you get your hands on this Hozelock sprayer range, I hear you say? Well that’s easy, just drop into your local hardware store, check them out and add your next ‘favourite’ tool to your shed.






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