Recycling has become a part of everyday life. There are recycling bins in shopping malls, public spaces and at events, plus most households have their own bin dedicated to recyclables.

We all know these bins take paper, metal and bottles – speaking of which, South Australia and the Northern Territory have refunds on any drink containers so there’s dollars to be saved straight away. But what else can be recycled?

What can you do with old globes? Do they head to general waste? Or the recycling bin? Or is there another alternative? Well…, the answer is quite illuminating.

It is illegal to discard used light globes in either the general waste or recycle bins. Instead, Toxfree, one of Australia’s leading environment, waste management and industrial service providers offer an easy way to deal with this waste.

Old globes can be dropped off at your nearest Mitre 10 store. These are then collected by ToxFree. The globes are crushed and the various components separated ensuring chemicals such as Mercury are reused and not end up in landfill.

For more information on light bulb recycling, visit the Tox Free website.


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