Grow Your Garden – Not Your Water Bill

Lo Flo Sprinkler

✓ Works without a pump on a rainwater tank

✓ Low water usage, only 5L per minute

✓ Deeply soaks to the roots with no run off

✓ Low spray angle – less evaporation and drift

✓ Performs on high and low pressures

✓ Highly efficient even water distribution

✓ Tough industrial grade sprinkler head

✓ Links together to water large areas

Lo Flo Sprinkler

“Thankfully, much work has been done on creating smarter and better designed ‘click on’ sprinklers which are vastly more efficient…. Lo Flo Sprinkler is a new generation garden sprinkler.” – The Garden Guru Magazine

“I was thrilled to finally see a sprinkler on the market that I could recommend to my clients” – L. Hewett, Vividspaces Garden Design


For more information on the Lo Flo Sprinkler and where to order and purchase the item, visit their website

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