Where do you get your inspiration to garden? Is it by reading books or magazines, listening to the radio, perhaps watching a television show.

Or is something a little more personal. Perhaps your inspiration to garden has come from your mother or father or maybe grandparents? There are so many garden influences in our lives, including some that are just over the fence.

Albert, Marianne and little baby Max, are living next door to a garden that was once a typical sight in the backyards of the many Italian immigrants who made Australia their home. A friendly neighbor and a low fence has given Albert and his family a unique opportunity to experience a special connection with this garden.

Next door neighbor, Maria is someone who has gardened all her life. Gardening is an integral part of her day, whether turning over the soil in readiness for a crop of tomatoes, tending her broad beans, harvesting the garlic or just generally pottering around. She has maintained her large vegetable patch for many, many years and is a wonderful testament to both her horticultural abilities and her self-sustainability.

Not only is gardening productive in all senses of the word for Maria, and the enormous number of others like her, the fruit of her labours has also touched others in her community.

Looking at the work and rewards Maria gets from her garden, does that make you look at your garden differently?

Maria is a true gardening inspiration. We’d love to find out who or what inspires you to garden. Send us an email via our website or post it on our Facebook page. Really look forward to hearing from you.








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