It’s not only gardeners and visitors who get to enjoy the plants in our gardens, it’s also some unwanted guests too.

From roses to ranunculus, tomatoes to tulips, there’s always something wanting to chew our little beauties.

Manager of Renmark Mitre 10, Jody Cole, like all Mitre 10 staff, have had their fair share of customer questions about keeping pests out of plants, gardens and a whole lot more.

Snails, Caterpillars, Aphids, Scale, White Fly and loads more can create havoc in the garden. From insects that chew or suck or rasp, there’s always a solution to your problem as close as your local Mitre 10.

There are pests that may not necessarily be a plant problem but more a people problem. One in particular are flies. The great Aussie salute can really can ruin your outdoor experience.
Any tips on keeping flies in check?

– Keep food covered
– Plant Basil, mint, lavender
– Use a Fly swat
– Spread around cloves and slices of lemon
– Fly Traps
– Surface Sprays (around windows and doors)

Whether it’s a plant or people pest, drop by your local Mitre 10 for some mighty helpful advice at getting the problem fixed






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