It’s fair to say that tools have come a long way in very short time. Power tools in particular have completely revolutionised the way we tackle DIY projects.

I can tell you it’s much quicker and easy using a power drill than the old bit and brace.

If you are looking to buy a power tool. Where do you start? Take a look around your local Mitre 10 and you’ll find a huge selection to choose from. It’s a good thing there’s always some there to help guide you to the right tool.

Important considerations when purchasing a Power tool:
Use – are you an occasional DIYer, a serious one or a full blown tradie?
This will definitely influence how ‘heavy duty’ you need to go. You get what you pay for so it’s important to buy to your needs

Cord or Cordless – if you want convenience and flexibility of location (eg roof spaces) then corded is the way to go. Lithium Ion batteries on the Makita range of power tools keep them working longer and harder and recharge much quicker than the comparable Nickel Cadmium types.
For sheer grunt, then corded power tools will still deliver the biggest torque.

Budget: This goes back to USE. You get what pay for. Work out how much use you are going to use the power tool and that will dictate the type and brand you need to buy.

Of course, always talk to the Power Tool expert at your local Mitre 10. They have loads of experience to help guide you on the best power tool for your needs.






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