With Christmas coming up, you’re probably thinking about how to prep your lawn up and get it looking nice and green.

We speak to South Australia’s Princess of the Turf, Dallas Munn of Munns Lawn, about how to look after our lawns.

Watering is something that we need to be considerate about, we need to be watering first thing in the morning, and long infrequent watering is better than short watering. Look for good quality fertilizers, particularly one that contains a wetting agent for summer. The wetting agent will trap water so that you get more out of your waters, and won’t have to water as often.

Munns Golf Course Green Slow Release Fertilizer will certainly do the trick!

One of the best types of lawns for South Australian gardens would be the Emerald Kikuyu – it is non invasive, evergreen, drought tolerant, hard wearing, great for kids, you can drive your car on it, thrives in sun and shade.

For extra tips on getting a lawn started of your own, visit the Munns Lawn website below – they have a seed selector which will give you advice on what seed to use in your particular South Australian area, and how to plant it.


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