Every time you visit your local garden centre, you’re bound to find new and interesting plants to look at.

Well here are a few absolute beauties I’ve picked out to show you.

From The Diggers Club

Do you love a good cup of tea? I know I do and what better plant to have then, than your very own Tea Plant. Yes, indeed.
The Diggers Club are great source of plants and this one is no exception. Camelia sinsensis ‘alba’ also known as the White Tea Plant is not only productive, it’s attractive as well. The glossy green leaves along with the crisp white flowers help complete the package.
This plant makes a wonderful hedge and being a camelia, will enjoy protection from the harsh summer sun.
To make your very own tea, pick the tips of the shoots, drop them into a teapot or infuser and you have your very own organic brew.

For more information on the White Tea Plant head to The Diggers Club website.






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