If you have limited growing space or maybe wanting to try something new, buying individual, advanced seedlings is well worth considering.

They come in arrange of varieties and make an instant impression on the veggie patch. Of course, punnets of your old favourites, still provide excellent value.

One tomato that keeps growing and producing through late autumn and even until early winter in the southern states is Burnley Bounty. If you find difficulty growing tomatoes in the heat of summer, then Burnley Bounty planted in early March is well worth a try.

Lettuces can be planted out practically year round.

Peas are an ideal cool season vegetable that is delicious picked fresh or cooked. No secrets in growing peas – well drained soil and regular feeds will provide all the plant needs to grow.

Peas love to climb, which makes picking easier. Add a frame to the bed to give them something to grow on then keep an eye out for that first pod.






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