Dwarf Red Dacca Banana

Ever wanted to grow something totally different? Well The Diggers Club have just the thing – A dwarf banana. Yes a dwarf banana!

Red Dacca is a compact growing banana that produces fruit well outside our northern banana regions. Here is a cool tolerant plant that produces plump deep burgundy to vibrant orange skin as it ripens. The flesh is sweet and can be eaten cooked, dried or fresh.

Banana dwarf red Dacca is an ideal choice for small gardens and courtyards. Give it go. Head to The Diggers Club to find out more about this wonderful Red Dacca banana.


Crepe Myrtle
When it comes to making a statement in a garden, you have to think big. Even better when it’s an advanced tree.

Manor Nurseries have been growing and selling mature trees for over 15 years and they know exactly what plants work.

Crepe Myrtles are always a brilliant choice and these few are standouts.

Lagerstroemia ‘Apalachee’ is a medium sized tree which with a rounded to spreading habit. Producing a wonderful display of lavender-pink frilly flowers all summer long. This one is a winner.

Another, equally stunning Crepe Myrtle is Natchez with its spectacular white crinkle like flowers borne in in late Summer. It has a beautiful growth habit with dark green leaves changing to orange in autumn.

The Soft Lavender Flowered Yuma makes a perfect compact, multi-stemmed tree that, like these other Crepe Myrtles, loves hot conditions and once established tends to be drought tolerant.

To find out more about your instant garden, head to the Manor Nurseries website.






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