The autumn rains have got them on the move. They’re heading for dryer ground, spots that are nice and warm and snug, a place they can make a nest and call home – your home! Watch out the rodents are coming your way!

During summer, we often don’t see rats and mice, that’s because there are plenty of dry spots around the yard where they can nest without you knowing it, however once those nests start getting wet, you’ll soon see the tell-tale signs that they’ve arrived inside.

If it makes you feel any better, having mice and rats in your home is not necessarily a reflection on you’re the state of your place. When you consider that rats and mice are the most destructive vertebrates in the world we definitely don’t want them around. Rats and mice are never solitary, so when you see one, you know there are others, they need to be discouraged.

First, make sure food spills are cleaned up quickly. Leaving crumbs on the floor is only inviting them to stay for dinner. Next is putting away food once you’ve finished with and definitely don’t leave overnight. Air tight containers are also a great idea for cereals and other rodent morsels.

Of course, you definitely need extra help to remove rats and mice. You’ll be familiar with this brand – Ratsak, Australian made so it knows how to deal with home grown rodents efficiently. You’ll find Ratsak rodent control products at your local hardware store and supermarket, so they are easy to buy.
Control comes in 2 ways trapping and baiting, essentially, traps work on the physical and baits work a little subtly.

Let’s look at the baits. Throw packs are chew through sachets filled with Fast Action bait which work in a single feed. They are easy to lay out – ideal out of the way spots for kids and pets are under the fridge, on top of cupboards and inside roofs.

Bait Stations are another ‘no touch’ rodent solution. Coming pre-loaded, all you need to do is open the pack and place out. The rodents scuttle in, have a nibble and head off. These are great inside and out. The formula used in these bait stations prevents secondary poisoning to pets and wildlife, so no worries using them.

Another no touch alternative is the disposable mouse bait station. Just slide it under and it gets to work.
When you are having major rodent problems, then you’re going to need plenty of help, that’s where wax blocks and re-useable Bait Stations are essential.

You can buy your waxblocks in bulk and load and reload up the station as the bait disappears. They have pet proof locks and are ideal placed where the rodents are on the march. Such as fencing rails.
If you are into traps, then buy strong and reuseable.There are Rat Trap stations and dedicated rat and mice traps too. Don’t worry about the cheese, peanut butter is an excellent rodent attractant. These traps are so easy to use – one touch to set and dispose.

Here’s a trap tip. Set and place with the trap facing the skirting boards. Mice, in particular stay close to the wall so this is your best chance of catching.

Rats and Mice are definitely visitors you don’t want in your house and garden. Now’s the time to act. Head to your local supermarket or hardware store and pick up a Ratsak solution that suits you. There’s plenty of choice.


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