When it comes to clean wall finishes, it’s really hard to go past concrete render. I don’t know about you, but I reckon the tradies that apply this skin are truly talented.

However, over the years, even the best render can become weathered. While large cracks can appear, what is more annoying are the small, crazing cracks that can cover large areas. The answer is at your mighty helpful Mitre 10.

Dulux Weathershield Render Refresh is a High build exterior render and masonry crack bridging paint designed for previously painted bricks, concrete, fibre cement board and masonry,which has a it’s high build formula that helps fill & bridge fine cracks. It provides a tough, flexible finish for long life protection from all Australian weather conditions and it helps resist mould, dirt and stains

Like with all your painting projects preparation is critical for success so you need to makes sure your wall is clean of any dust, mould and debris, and also that the paint is sound and the way to test this is with some tape. Cut a small x and stick the tape onto to the wall and pull away, if any paint comes off you need to completely remove it. Do this test in a few places.

When cutting any edges with a brush, make sure the rest of the paint is applied with the roller before the section dried, otherwise you risk creating a “picture framing” effect. Which is not the best look!

Load up the paint evenly onto the roller. Then apply up and down the wall with nice even strokes each with a slight overlap. The cracks are disappearing before your eyes and staying hidden as the paint dries.

It won’t take long to have this render looking a smooth and as fresh as the day it was applied. When you have the right products and the right advice, what could possibly go wrong?




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