Trees are for life, look around the parks and our own home gardens to see how long trees can live, so it’s vital to plant the right one first time!

James Bennier has been involved with the running of Cleveland Nursery at Stirling for 40 years and is both passionate and knowledgeable about trees.

James gives us his suggestions for trees that would suit the small to medium garden – Prunus ‘Oakville Crimson Spire’, Malus ‘Royal Rain Drops’, Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ and Largerstroemia ‘Crepe Myrtle’.

Along with trees that suit the smaller garden, we also need to be conscious of selecting trees that are appropriate under power lines both on and off our property. SA Power Networks are responsible for more than 71,000 kilometres of overhead cables. Managing trees and vegetation near powerlines is critical in reducing the risk of bushfire and maintaining community safety.

When planting trees near or under powerlines we need to select varieties that suit. Small-growing species like Callistemon would be ideal:

• Betka Beauty
• Burgundy Jack
• Cameo Pink
• Candelabra
• Candle Glow

The Botanic Gardens has a brilliant plant selector. Type in your requirements, including growing under power lines and the search will give you suitable trees for your location.

You not only have to be aware of what’s going on above you, but also below. Underground power lines can be also be affected by large invasive tree roots – the bigger the tree, the bigger the roots.

It makes perfect sense to get advice before planting a tree that has years to grow and mature. For more information on powerlines and trees head to the SA Power Networks website.


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