Summer’s just around the corner and we need to think about watering, not just how we water but when we water.

If you are watering with a bucket or watering can use these anytime. The same goes with dripper systems and hand held trigger nozzles, you can use these anytime too.
A trigger nozzle is one that turns on by hand and automatically switches off when you release the trigger. By controlling the flow of water you can target the areas you want to water.

Another way of saving water is using your trigger nozzle correctly. There are some which you can adjust the spray by turning and then there are types with a whole lot of spray patterns you can dial up. Surprisingly, they all have a use.

The Rose setting – Provides gentle watering- perfect for watering borders, pots and hanging baskets.

Fast fill – produces a high flow of water to quickly fill buckets and watering cans without spill
Jet – ideal for jetting aphids off plants.
Fan – Great for watering wide areas away from paths
Cone – provides gentle watering for seedlings and delicate plants

When can we use sprinklers? Before 10am and after 5pm. Make sure you give your lawn a good soak to help encourage roots to follow the moisture and drought proof the turf.

When choosing lawn sprinklers, look for low water users that put out a fraction of the water of conventional sprinklers. These water evenly and throw at a low angle meaning little or no water wasted to wind or evaporation There are even low water use garden sprinklers as well.

Here’s a question. Even though we can officially use sprinklers before 10am and after 5pm, what about the poor kids on those hot days?

The good news is, yes they can run under the sprinkler on the lawn any time of the day. Just make sure it’s turned off when the kids are finished playing. If you want any further information on where or when you can water, simply head to the SA Water website.


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