As a horticulturist, I’m often asked ‘what’s the secret to a creating good garden?’.

Which is a really interesting question. Even though gardens come in all shapes and sizes there are some simple things that can make the world of difference to how your garden performs.

First is light. How much sun your garden gets will basically determine what type of plants you can grow.

Just because you love roses won’t help them perform and flower if they can’t get at least 6 hours sun per day.

Same goes for shade loving plants that receive too much sun which can scorch their leaves.

Before you head out to your local garden centre to buy plants, look at where you are going to put them and how much sun that spot gets. It will save those new plants and you a lot of grief. After sunshine, the next secret to successful gardening is the ground.

It’s the foundation of your garden, it’s where plant roots grow and spread and take up nutrients and, the best part is, it is so easy to get right.

The secret is Organics. Adding plenty of well-aged manures and composts really help build a strong soil. To create dirt which holds valuable moisture and nutrients and that keeps soil microbes, those billions of microscopic workers, plus earthworms happy, healthy and multiplying.

Knowing you have a good foundation, means you can now plant with confidence.

Once your plant is in the ground, what else does it need to give it an ideal start? The secret, is getting those roots stretching and moving and taking up nutrients.

Seasol is a wonderful seaweed plant tonic which most gardeners already use and know how well it works. It’s a brilliant soil conditioner helping to stimulate strong root growth and getting all those beneficial soil microbes working.

Regular applications of Seasol are the secret to its success. Apply to new plants at planting time and again a week later. Follow up applications every fortnight for veggies, herbs and annuals will get them ticking along beautifully.

For established gardens, they’ll love a dose of Seasol every 2 to 4 weeks. As do lawns too!

The secret to gardening success really starts with the basics. Sun, soil and a little organic help like Seasol, Put them all together and your yard is definitely on the right track.






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