I don’t know about you but I always find something special when it comes to timber.

From its varied tones and grains, timber has character and life and adds an earthy charm to a home whether it is a feature of the design or a piece of furniture.

The last thing I would think of doing is slapping an undercoat on and brushing on a paint. What are the alternatives to painting?

Retaining the timber texture is achievable using clear finishes which enhance and preserve the wood. Turpentine based coats soak into the timber leaving a matt finish. Water based coats, partly soak in and partly leave a thin outer film, providing the wood with a low sheen look.

Stains alter the colour and look of any timber, which can be very useful in matching tones and hues in an area.

Before you apply stain to a large area, it is best to try out a test spot first just to make sure the colour is right.

Drop by your local mighty helpful Mitre 10 for any timber staining or other painting needs.






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