Start with a visual check of your lawn general look – colour coverage, weeds, disease, bugs.

Factors causing poor lawns:

  • Poor winter preparation going into winter
  • Wrong lawn variety choice for area
  • Not enough or the wrong fertiliser
  • Too much or too little water
  • Disease, Weeds, Bugs
  • Too much winter traffic and
  • Shade

Controlling Soursops

Continued mowing soursops will gradually reduce their vigour and size. Wipe an herbicide directly on the weed. Avoid spraying which kills off the weed and lawn too.

Mowing is often the best way to keep them under control. Gradually reduces the weeds vigor.

Maintenance activities for the summer lawn:

  • Mow low to get rid of the weeds and excess lawn thatch. Allowing new growth, Dethatch if needed.
  • Treat Disease, Weeds and Bugs with appropriate chemicals, if needed
  • OR purchase rolls of lawn to repair damaged areas
  • Gypsum to break up the hard clay ground, if required
  • Fertilise with a higher nitrogen. Liquid may be used early in season.
  • Top Dress (If needed)
  • Water – adjust/turn on system to water as required weekly in Summer

For more information about laying a new lawn or anything to do with lawns, head to the Turf Farm website:






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