Making the wrong lawn choice is expensive, thankfully Tracey from The Turf Farm is here to help us avoid this costly mistake!

Many things come into play when choosing a lawn such as use, look, shade, soil, climate, kids, pets, and maintenance level. If you choose the right lawn variety you will have peace of mind that the lawn you buy you will love for years to come.

The main varieties best for our region are:

• Great for sporting areas needing a hard playing surface
• Fast repairer, doesn’t like shade, preferring a full sun position
• High maintenance lawn with fine leaves, so it’s best if you love mowing
• Nullarbor is the best selected variety for our region

• Good open space lawn where you want rapid spread
• Kikuyu is the fastest growing lawn, and is very friendly with our garden beds and pavers making it very high maintenance
• Sun loving
• Make sure you choose a premium kikuyu such as Eureka, it will perform best
• Eureka is the best selected variety for our region

Tall Fescue:
• Winter active, cool season grass
• Great for cooler climates, such as the Adelaide Hills and leafy gardens
• The new breed RTF repairs and performs better, be sure you are getting the true RTF Tall Fescue.
• RTF Tall Fescue is the best selected variety for our region

Sir Walter
• The Aussie Favourite – best lawn for backyards
• Has the most lawn attributes making it the best all-rounder
• Tolerates extreme heat and full sun yet also up to 70% shade
• Low allergenic making it a healthy choice for families
• Low maintenance lawn saving you time and money
• Sir Walter is the best all-rounder lawn Australia Wide


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