Last week we removed the top soil from the garden, now it’s time to think about irrigation. The Turf Farm are here to help!

One thing all plants need to grow, especially lawns, is water! When you’re putting in a new lawn it’s important to think about how you’re going to irrigate the area. Someone who knows what lawns need to stay lush and green is Paul Daniel from the Turf Farm!

Paul takes us through the different ways to water a lawn and their pros and cons – by hand, sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, and sub-surface.

Another great tip from The Turf Farm is to take a pressure test to find out your water pressure (how many litres per minute), this will dictate the type and amount of sprinklers you can run on the same line.

Once planned properly you’re ready to trench out the area for the irrigation, then lay your pipe, attach the sprinklers, and set them at the right height (about level with the footpath). Water should throw from one sprinkler to the base of the next and so on to ensure even and full coverage.

After the irrigation is sorted, Paul shows you how to spread the underlay. The underlay goes under the lawn and helps with root penetration and moisture regulation so the turf doesn’t get wet feet. By using a sandy loam mix it will reduce compaction and allow the roots to spread through.

Next week Paul from The Turf Farm will show you the finer points of levelling and get the turf rolling out!


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