There are so many lifestyle benefits to having a lawn, and The Turf Farm are here to exactly why we should all plant a lawn!

– Great looking lawn is a real asset to your home and lifestyle
– Your lawn can be an outdoor room an extension to your home
– Enjoy a beer with your mates, playing footy or just relaxing with a book
– You little green oasis is a place to relax, enjoy and unwind

Kids & Pets:
– Kids and pets need a safe outdoor space to play to be healthy and active
– Choose a low allergenic variety for kids and pets such as Sir Walter
– Backyard cricket to trampolines and fairy garden parties

Environmentally healthy:
– Your lawn is the lungs to your property, filtering out the bad stuff from air and soils
– The average size back yard lawn can provide enough oxygen for your whole family,producing more oxygen than the world’s largest tree
– Reduce your carbon footprint

Saving you money:
– Reduce temperature around home, keeping your home cooler saving money on air conditioning costs
– Adds value to home up to 18%
– Choose a low maintenance variety to save even more money


About The Author

In the Garden is an exciting new local South Australian TV program on Channel 9 this Summer & next Autumn showcasing the best ‘green’ stories this state has to tell. Check out the latest in garden trends, new plants and top tips to keep those gardens blooming.