We all know watering is important for lawns, luckily The Turf Farm are here to give us some essential tips!

Watering is crucial to keep your lawn alive and healthy. Chloe from The Turf Farm tells us some things to consider when watering our lawns.

Check the weather – just as our lawns need food, they also need a drink to keep strong and healthy. You can improve the drought tolerance of your lawn by soaking it less and encouraging the roots to grow deeper. If you see hot weather approaching, best to give your lawn an extra drink!

Watering types – it’s a personal preference as to how you water your lawn; you can use the good old sprinkler and hose, sub-surface irrigation or a pop-up system. A well placed pop-up system is what The Turf Farm recommends with evenly spaced sprinklers and a regular timer.

Footprint test – if you walk on your lawn and the leaves spring back, you know your lawn is sufficiently hydrated, but if they don’t this is a sign that you need to water your lawn.

For more great turf information, check out The Turf Farm website!


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