Weeds, pests and diseases are a fact of life we need to deal with from time to time, but there are ways to minimize the impact they have on our lawns. Keeping your lawn healthy, just as we do ourselves, is the best way to prevent a lawn issue!

In the winter, the growth habit of your lawn will not be as lush and thick as it is during the other seasons, therefore the weeds will find it easier to grow through. Prevention is always better than cure, so do try to keep a bit of extra length on your lawn and ensure it’s healthy going into winter. But if a few pesky weeds still manage to creep in, fear not, we have plenty of helpful tips and products available to help you clean up your lawn!

The best time to treat your winter weeds is of course during winter! By treating them straight away, you have more chance of getting rid of weeds before they germinate and drop their seeds back into your soil ready to attack bigger and better next time. So just how do you treat them? Well that depends on what it is you’re trying to get rid of!

There are many weeds such as broadleaf, winter grass, clover, and soursobs just to name a few. It’s best to talk to an expert for weed identification and the best way to eradicate, especially with weed sprays as you don’t want to waste money on the wrong spray!


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