Got a bare patch in your yard that needs turf? The Turf Farm are here to help with expert advice!

Have you got a bare spot in your yard that’s just itching to be covered in turf, but don’t know where to begin? Getting some expert advice is a great way to start, and Paul and Chloe Daniel from The Turf Farm at Pinnaroo are here to help!

Chloe reminds us what there is to love about our South Aussie lawns – they not only look great, they add value to our homes, colour to our yards, cool our houses and are great to play or entertain on!

Paul takes us through the first steps in laying a lawn, the initial site analysis and measuring up processes. The Site analysis involves Paul going out to the site, having a look, removing any rubbish or weeds, identifying trees or other obstacles and identifying the soil type. Measuring up is a simple process in which you calculate the area of your spot to be covered in turf, The Turf Farm even have a great online calculator on their website.

There’s not just one type of lawn that suits Adelaide and South Australian gardens, there’s loads! Chloe takes Kim through the top 5 lawns – Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu, Nullabor Couch, RTF Fescue and Velvetene.

Once you’ve measured up and know what type of lawn is best for you, it’s time to get busy! Next episode, we take the next step in the turf process and get digging, we bring out the big guns to get this garden lawn-ready.


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