How good does your lawn look? Is it as smooth as a bowling green or, like most of us, has a few lumps and bumps.

If it’s the latter, then now is a great time to give your lawn that smooth finish. Topdressing lawns correctly, to fill in any gaps, is something where expert advice is definitely needed.

The Turf Farm are just the right people to give lawn advice.

Where do you start when it comes to topdressing a lawn?
Have a look at your lawn does it have, low patches, bare patches

In most cases top dressing needs to be done when there is a
• Lack of soil underneath,
• To fill in low spots,
• Correct uneven areas, etc.

You will need
• Shovel
• Rake
• Wheelbarrow
• Washed coarse sand
• Mower

Firstly, mow your lawn with the catcher and remove a third of a leaf. This will highlight the areas that need topdressing. Such as low points, uneven areas, etc.

Once you have your choice of soil, use a shovel to dispense the clean washed coarse sand over the lawn.
1cm thick in a single application

Use a rake to move the sand and spread evenly over the entire area. Only cover 100 (1cm) of depth of the grass, so that the lawn leaves are still showing.

Once the sand has been spread evenly over the lawn, water it in thoroughly.

This process can be repeated if needed over the peak growing season to achieve optimal results.

For more information on looking after lawns and laying new ones simply contact The Turf Farm website. They are the people that really know lawns.






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