How important are lawns to our lives? Well someone who knows all about that is The Turf Farms Tracey Daniel

Why plant a lawn?

• A backyard lawn can supply enough oxygen for a family
• Absorbs noise, pollutants, dust and dirt
• Fantastic erosion control
• Filter to our waterways

Lawn is up to 40 degrees cooler compared to synthetic surfaces and up to 30 degrees cooler than pavers and concrete. We have the biggest air conditioner surrounding our city with our famous parklands, keeping us cooler and healthier. Lawn is an essential part of our environment and health in our communities. It offers so many benefits to our social, mental and physical wellbeing.

• It is our childhood memories,
• Fun with our own children,
• Our sports arenas
• A great outdoor space for friends and family.

With our lifestyles becoming more sedentary it’s increasing important for us all to have an outdoor space to enjoy and be active. The value of outdoor living a green space has never been more vital.
• Lawn encourages us to play.
• Green space makes us feel good, allowing us to clear our minds and help us relax.
• To us it is a back lawn, to the kids can be a stadium to win cricket and footy.

Studies have shown it is safer to play sports on natural play surfaces for long term injuries and health.
• Just Being outdoors with the family and friends, breathing fresh air and unwinding in your own outdoor room makes us feel good.
• Nothing like relaxing with the grass between your toes and a good book

You’ve got to love a lawn!

For more great lawn information, just head to The Turf Farm website.






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