Lawns. They are so important to gardens. They keep cool our homes, catch the rain and add so much to the look of a garden.

Lawns are also important to us as a place to relax, run and play. They do take a fair bit of punishment so it’s hardly surprising lawns need a little attention from time to time.

Wear and tear is something lawns have to cope with especially in high traffic areas like pathways. As the lawn disappears and the soil takes over what can we do?

Compaction typically happens in high traffic areas, such as: pathways, where cars have driven, clotheslines, children playing areas and heavy clay soils.

Your lawn will start to show signs of bare patches and underperforming areas of lawn when other areas seem perfectly fine.

The compacting of soil restricts availability of air and water in the soil. This can be detrimental to your lawns health as air is required to uptake nutrients and fertilisers. And we all know that water is vital.

You can test if your lawn is compacted by pushing a pitchfork into the soil. If you find that it is hard to penetrate the soil, then it is too compacted.

What can be done to help?
– Plant right lawn
– Aerate soil
– Add gypsum
– Block off area to traffic

You will also benefit from gypsum being spread over the area afterwards.

In winter when the lawn is not actively growing, keep the traffic areas to a minimum.

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