When it comes to choosing the best lawn for your garden, you need expert advice. Paul Daniel for The Turf Farm is the ideal person.

What are the things to consider when choosing a lawn?

• How much wear and tear
• Shade
• Look – fine or coarse
• How much mowing and maintenance
• Water use
• Drought tolerance
• Salt tolerance
• Allergy level
• Colour

All lawn varieties and types have different qualities and attributes, choosing the right one for a project is crucial

Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka is a high performing premium Kikuyu, that superseds traditional kikuyu varieties.

• Thick rhizomatous base that grows evenly and helps weeds suppression
• Resistant to disease stays greener longer in winter
• Perfect for areas where you want rapid repair and spread.
• Be prepared to put a little more elbow grease into the maintenance as all Kikuyus are invasive and spread rapidly.

Nullarbour Couch
• Fine leaf low mowing lawn
• Great for sporting areas like tennis, cricket and golf where you want a hard playing surface.
• Enjoying full sun only
• Great for lawn lovers who love mowing

RTF Tall Fescue
• Lush & dark green
• True rhizomatous fescue that has a thick base and strong root system, tougher than the original tall Fescue
• Self repairing qualities and staying put where you lay it
• Using less water than other cool season grass choices

DNA Certified Sir Walter – Australian born and bred, it is also the only grass that performs in every region and state in Australia.
• Great low maintenance
• Full sun or up to 70% shade,
• Low allergenic, great for kids and pets,
• Tough yet soft
• Great for spaces where family lay and play.

Sir Walter has been proved as the most popular buffalo lawn. Today 70% of all buffalo sold in Australia is Sir Walter.

It is important to ensure you specify ‘DNA Certified Sir Walter’ as due to it high popularity, there are many knockoff and substitutes on the market that underperform.

Lawn Solutions Australia have the largest trial and research program in the southern hemisphere finding the best performing grasses.

Firstly, TifTuf Couch.
• Fine leaf blade and dense growth,
• Superior drought tolerance requiring 30% less water that other couch varieties,
• Fantastic winter colour retention and some shade tolerance.
• Favoured in America due to its drought tolerance and ability to maintain turf quality under drought stress.

Secondly; Sir Grange Zoysia.
• Dark green in colour,
• High wear tolerance,
• Fine leaf blade,
• Minimal damage when scalped,
• Requires 50% less fertiliser and mowing than a couch
• Can tolerate up to 70% shade or full sun.

Growing evenly, it can be mowed to a wide range of heights depending on use. Originally developed for the golf industry many Pro Golf courses in USA now use this variety solely on their whole course, mowed to differing heights with huge reduction in maintenance costs.

Choosing lawn on price can lead to a bad lawn and an expensive fix up.

It is important to choose a lawn for its characteristics that suit your environment and use.
Get the right lawn for the right place the first time, and you will be happy for a long time

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