If you have a lawn there’s one task we all need to do to keep them looking neat and tidy, and that’s mow.

And there’s no better person to ask about mowing than Paul Daniel from The Turf Farm


Why is mowing important?

Having a good mowing routine is key to long term success of a healthy lawn, keeping lawn strong, thick, weed and disease free.

What does mowing do for the lawn?

Strengthen; Trains plants to grow prostrate on the ground rather than straight up.
Looks good; neat and tidy (Like a good haircut)
Cleans up the lawn from debris and leaves
Weed Control
Thatch control thus reducing disease risks

Do you need to mow lawn varieties differently?

Each lawn variety can be mowed at verily heights and frequency depending on use, environment and lawn type.
• Couch loves to be kept mowed low 15-30mm
• Buffalo, Kikuyu and Fescue like a longer leaf 30-50mm
• Kikuyu will need more frequent mowing

How often should we mow?

Mowing once every 7-14 days is perfect.
Taking no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade

Mowing irregularly or too short puts your lawn under stress allowing weeds, disease, pests and weather conditions to impact on your lawns health.

What about our mower?

sharp blades, serviced once per year, wash down and clean after every mow (lawn has acid; will eat mower), correct fuel, oil (check owners manual)

Autumn mowing tips

End of autumn in a great time to raise the mower and leaving leave a little longer. Longer blades in winter protect your lawn from damage frosts and cold weather.

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