When it comes to caring for your food garden, Vital Veggies, Roger & Sally have all the answers

What should we be doing to keep our food gardens growing and producing?

Watering – not too much, not too little. When it’s not raining, your veggie garden needs watering daily

Sprayers for germinating seeds – newly planted seeds need light, misting watering to ensure seeds are not washed away.

Pest and disease control – it is vital to keep any pest or disease outbreaks under control. A well feed plant will have a higher tolerance to pest and disease attacks

To weed or not to weed? – weeds are often and indication of specific low nutrient levels (eg lots of thistles = low calcium). Making sure you have a well-balanced soil will reduce the weed population. Plus, never waste a pulled weed, add it to your compost bin, it is loaded with nutrients.

Removing dead leaves – dead leaves and stems can harbor pest and disease. Cut off and dispose.

Pruning – once plants have fruited, cut back to encourage new growth.

Stakes and supports – keeping climbing plants tied and upright means they are exposed to more sun, and more sun means more produce.

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