How do you know when your fruit and veggies are ready to pick? Vital Veggies, Roger & Sally have all the answers.

One of the most common questions gardeners have are “when are my fruit and veggies ready to pick?”

Here are a few tips:

Most apples are ready to pick when they separate easily from the tree and the fruit comes off when you give it a gentle lift and twist. Another indicator is the color of the seeds in the core. When apples are ripe, the seeds turn dark brown.

Harvest while heads are a deep green, still compact, and before buds start to open into flowers.

Cabbage is ready to harvest when the head is full and firm. Cut the stalk at the base of the head with a sharp knife and discard the outer leaves. It’s best to harvest them in the morning, when heads are cool.

Carrots are generally ready for harvest in 2-3 months or when they are large enough to use

Sweet Corn
Look for dark brown, soft silks (not brittle silks), and pick the ears when the kernels are plump and tender and when milky liquid comes out when you prick them with your fingernail. If the liquid is clear and watery, the corn isn’t ripe yet

Cucumbers mature very quickly. Pick them often so the plants continue to produce. Fruits may become oversized if left on the vine even a day too long

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