When it comes to planting a food garden where do you start? Vital Veggies, Roger & Sally have all the answers

What choices do you have when planting veggies? Seedlings and seeds.

Seeds have the advantage of being very cost effective and are sown directly in the garden bed. Root vegetables such as carrots are best planted out as seeds as there is not root disturbance once they begin to grow. Roots on vegetables are very delicate so the less we disturb them the better off the plant will be.

There has been a resurgence in Heirloom varieties of all types of vegetables. Vital Veggies have selected the very best Heirloom performers for their client’s gardens. One of Roger & Sally’s favourite ‘old’ plants is a freckled lettuce which both grows and tastes superb.

Vital Veggies follow a biodynamic planting regime which has seen germination rates increase dramatically.

They also maximize the planting space in their specially designed and constructed raised garden beds by planting in layers, allowing low, medium and tall growing plants to grow together and maintain their productivity in a compact area.

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