Plenty happening this week!

Kim visits Joe’s Connected Garden – four houses in Elizabeth Grove that have linked their gardens together to create the ultimate suburban orchard!

Kim chats with the owner of one of these gardens, Joe, who tells us the story of Joe’s Connected Garden and shows you that in Adelaide you can grow just about anything.

Kim heads out to Virginia Nursery and enjoys a plant paradise the envy of garden centres across Australia. Owner of Virginia Nursery, Jim Gencheff, takes us on a behind the scenes tour of his iconic nursery which sells an average of 1 million plants a year!

Kim shows you where to start with your tired plants – the fertiliser aisle! Using smart technology, Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus has infused additional nutrients into an organic fertiliser, so now you can match your plant with the right fertiliser! Kim takes you through the range and tells you what nutrients your different plants need.

Channel 9 News presenter and former weatherman Brenton Ragless shows Kim around his self-titled ‘Garden of Shame’! Kim gives him tips on soil, lawn, weeds, plants and many more suggestions useful for time poor people like Brenton.

By now most stone fruits have finished fruiting and it’s the perfect time for pruning. Kim shows you how, with expert tips for an abundance of produce next fruiting season! Kim also gives you some useful tips on keeping the pests from eating your hard-grown fruit.

Well known Adelaide clairvoyant, Liz McCaskle, helps us get in touch with the spiritual world of gardening! Liz and Kim take a look at the spooky past of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.
Plus loads more…In the Garden!

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In the Garden is an exciting new local South Australian TV program on Channel 9 this Summer & next Autumn showcasing the best ‘green’ stories this state has to tell. Check out the latest in garden trends, new plants and top tips to keep those gardens blooming.