As the fierce sun bakes the soil, plants can really suffer from this heat stress, and it’s not just what’s happening above the ground where the issue lies; it’s also below where problems start.

As soil temperatures rise and soil dries, plant roots suffer from moisture and nutrient loss and, as a result, plants show signs of wilting and scorching.

Many think just watering will fix the problem but the answer is under the soil. What is important is to make sure this water penetrates deeply, making the roots follow the water. The deeper they are the more insulated they will be.

Mulch is essential in reducing water evaporation. / 5 – 10 centimetres of mulch will help keep valuable moisture around the plants.

What plants also need to reduce their stress is a slow and steady dose of nutrients to keep their energy levels up over summer and organic based fertilizers are the way to go.

You’d all be familiar with this organic fertilizer – Yates Dynamic Lifter that has kept gardens growing across Australia for over 20 years. What you might not know is that Yates Dynamic Lifter now comes in a liquid form.

We all know how important organic matter is to maintaining good soil health and condition. Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid is organic and contains the goodness of chicken manure, seaweed, blood & bone, fish meal, fulvates and potassium. It’s an organically certified, brilliant way to nourish the soil and plants under the summer sun.

Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid easily carries nutrients into the soil and to the roots, encouraging healthy root development.

The organic matter in this liquid fertilizer also gets those earthworms on the move, tunneling through the soil, creating air pockets and opening up channels for even more water and nutrients to follow.

Billions of tiny soil micro-organisms, turn the nutrients in this organic brew into a slow release, plant ready food full of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which plants just love.

Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid also feeds through the leaves as well and the roots. It’s your one stop solution for summer that gently nourishes the soil and keeps your plants happy.

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