Those once bare winter roses are now bursting with new growth as leaves start to appear and buds begin to form! Growth up here means that the root system has woken from its winter dormancy, is active and spreading new roots in search of food.

Along with the root system, the warmer weather has also increased the activity of soil microbes. These are vital in maintaining a healthy soil and converting nutrients into plant available food. With soil microbes working, they need a feed. Organic matter is just the ticket, well-aged compost and manures are ideal bulk as well as the concentrated goodness in organic fertilisers such as Dynamic Lifter.

While Dynamic Lifter doesn’t contain high levels of nitrogen and potassium needed for long term flowering, it is a great additive to keep low levels of nutrients continually available to plants and its safe on native plants too.
In addition to a base organic fertiliser, flowering plants like roses need a high level of nitrogen for growth and potassium for the flowering to produce a well-balanced plant!

For the quickest results, liquid fertilisers like Thrive Roses, which you’ll find at your local hardware store and garden centre, work quickly! With both active soil microbes and active plant roots those essential nutrients and trace elements are taken up by the plant almost instantaneously. Simply add to a watering can and water at the base.

This liquid fertiliser can also be added to a sprayer and applied as a foliar feed with spectacular results. Just wait until the plant has a good covering of leaves before applying. And for the best blooming roses, feed your roses every month during the growing season. Believe us, the results will be spectacular!


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